Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looks like Tuesday Really is the New Monday.

I was a little under the weather yesterday (thanks Dave), but this morning I have a wonderful treat for you.

I’m Robin from Bird On A Cake.

I am a Florida girl who loves to bake and blog!
I started a family blog over three years ago, where I write about life
and my adventures as a mom with two autistic children.
As my cake decorating skills improved, I started adding some cakes to my blog mix. 
Then, a few months ago, I decided to start a new blog just about my cake adventures.
I share yummy recipes, decorating tutorials and lots of pretty cakes at Bird On A Cake.
Today I am sharing a tutorial for some cute Valentine’s cupcake toppers…
conversation hearts made with candy melts!
You will need:
heart cookie cutter
wax paper
candy melts
red gel food coloring
a batch of cupcakes
frosting (you can buy it or use this buttercream recipe)
First, make a template by tracing your cookie cutter on a piece of paper.
Tape your template to a piece of cardboard or the back of a cookie sheet.
Tape a piece of wax paper over the template.
Next, put your candy melts in a bowl and microwave:
Cook for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until they are completely melted.
(My green and purple candy melts were both darker than I wanted,
so I mixed them each with white candy melts to lighten the color.)
Put each color in a separate decorating bag, or in a ziploc with the corner snipped off.
Filling in the outline, pipe the candy melts on to your wax paper.
Put the hearts in the fridge for a few minutes to set up.
When the hearts have hardened, carefully peel them off the wax paper.
Tint a small amount of frosting red and put it in a decorating bag,
or you can just use a tube of red gel food coloring.
Write messages on the flat side of your hearts…
you can personalize them any way you like!
Frost your cupcakes and place a heart on top of each one.
Share the love and give them to your sweethearts!
I hope you enjoy making these Valentine’s cupcake toppers!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you caught up yet?

     Are you caught up from the insanity of the Holiday season yet?  Not me.  I still have a tree up, although it is so that I can celebrate with my sister this week.  We like to set a date after Christmas, and between her and her boyfriend's Birthday.  Since we live quite a bit apart from one another, it makes it easier to celebrate 3 events at once.  It works well for us, and gives everyone a little break from the "crazies". 
      On another note, we had a grand Christmas here.  Dave's sister who lives in LA came up and stayed with us.  I often use her to find out what's up and coming in the fashion world, and wouldn't you know it, she was a wealth of information.  Everybody, and I do mean everybody are into the fingerless glove rage.  Now that's a little project I took on myself, but will not be doing for the shop.  If one of the guys wants to, have fun.  Remember I am just the gal who blogs and keeps the Etsy store front looking nice.  Wish I could say that about my garage.  I see a "big trash day" on the horizon. 

     I would have to say that the easiest way to get a pair of these gloves is of course to buy them!  That being said, if you knit or crochet, you can make yourself a pair.  Or lastly you can do it the hard way (like me).
      Take yourself to the thrift store...this I am very adapt to.  Find yourself a sweater you like and is 100% cotton, wool, angora, something like that.  Any thing with acrylic, nylon, or Lycra, just leave it behind.  It is a waste of time and you will just end up frustrated.  Now that you  have a sweater, the real work begins.  Take that sweater and put it in a pillowcase you care nothing about.  Add a couple to a few golf balls (yes I said golf balls), and tie off the end of the pillow case.  The pillowcase is so all the fibers that come loose during the process of felting do not end up in your washing machine and ruining it.  Wash the sweater in HOT water, for a long cycle.  It will sound like you are washing rocks, but never fear, the golf balls are not beating your washer to death.  When finished toss the sweater only in the dryer and give it a good HOT over drying.  it should come out much smaller.  Mine had a lot of lint due to the angora. but here's what I got.
     Then I cut off the sleeves, shaved them with a disposable razor (a trick Sarah taught me), measured them to about elbow length, took a needle and thread and double hemmed the tops, being careful to not let my stitching show much.  Then I put the sleeves on, decided where my thumb would go, carefully took a box knife and gently undid the seam giving my self about an inch  for a thumb hole.  I think next time I will give myself an inch and a half because when you hem the thumb hole you loose some of your room in the thumb hole.   But all in all for a first attempt I think I did pretty good. 
What do you think??