Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday came late this week

   Whew we have been busy here at Oaktopia Design just keeping up with the Christmas rush.  That's a good thing, but it sure keeps me far away from my blog.  So just to update everyone on what's up in the shop.  We have these super cute kitty cat hats made from faux fur and they are selling faster than we ever expected.  I personally had to have one for myself for all the wonderful Burning Man fund raisers that will be coming up, and if luck is on my side I may return to Burning Man this next year.

     Also with New Year's Eve coming right on the heels of Christmas, those lovely feather eyelashes are flying right out the door.  So are the vintage cocktail bags and the 3-D glow in the dark tattoos.  Did I ever mention that those are reusable?  Well they are.  I have a set that were made for me 4 years ago and I love them.  They look just as good today as they did on the first day.  Mind you they never made it to the Playa.  But our designer has worn his to the playa every year and the dust washes off and they look like new.  Who would have thought?!?

So drop by the shop and check out all the cool things we have, like monster purses, hair extensions, lovely jewelry, and tons of things.  Remember we still have our special running....through Dec 15th (that's tomorrow) the entire shop is 15% off use coupon code DEC15.  See you soon.

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